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About Us:

Jenkins Culinary Resources possesses a dynamically skilled team with degrees earned from The Culinary Institute of America, The French Institute of America, New York University, NY Film Institute, Fashion Institute of America, Rochester Institute of Technology, Penn State University, and of course, the University of Hard Knocks! However, even above our formal training is the value we place on partnership. 


JCR is committed to connecting with each client to discuss business goals, marketing strategies and learn the story behind the brand. Our departments utilize your business goals as the compass that guides our creative process in developing media that tantalizes the consumer’s senses.  


Our research and development department dives right into your brand values and core. We welcome the opportunity to work with your product/brand to create recipes and pairings that educate and delight your consumer.


The photography department is a powerful and effective combination of food stylists, prop stylist, photographers, and editors. Our staff possesses umpteen years of experience in the food and beverage industry and provides collective guidance for our clients down a smooth path of production that creates compelling visuals utilized for packaging, advertisements, cookbooks, websites, social media, and point of sale materials.


Videography requires individuals from other departments to generate a moving visual digital story- not just videographers! Our writers, videographers, models, and full staff enjoy maximizing our capabilities to drive customer conversions from creative. After all, how many times have you ordered something or purchased a product because it looked delicious? That's precisely what we do, and we'd love to do it for your brand!








Why JCR:


Why is our photography superior?  Experience Matters, Talent Matters, Details Matter.


Experience matters


• Experience = Time & Money Saved. The more experience you have, the more you can accomplish without expending more resources than necessary.

• JCR's expert photographers possess a diverse hospitality portfolio consisting of shots completed for food & beverage brands, restaurants, hotels, and publications. Visit our Gallery here.


Talent matters.


• JCR photographers have truly artistic perspectives. They zero in on the essence of food & beverage brands to accurately reflect key consumer insights. They effortlessly capture a sumptuous cheese melt, a splash of milk, a perfect drip of syrup, or a just-about-to-melt scoop of ice cream. 

• JCR food stylists can style anything from Apples to Zucchini, and everything in between!  

• JCR food stylists use no tricks, they just know-how.

• JCR art directors approach each job with a passion for bringing the client's vision to life.



Details matter.


• JCR photographers use state-of-the-art high-quality cameras. Why does this matter? The best cameras produce digital images of superior quality and resolution that look stunning whether they are viewed on an iPhone or a billboard gracing New York's skyline.

• Our team values communication and we know what questions to ask. Our process and experience help to avoid ambiguity on-set and produce the most cost-efficient outcomes. JCR specialists will discuss image formats, end uses, crops, angles, lighting, props, layouts, serving size representation, color palettes, target audience, and more.


How many shots can you shoot in a day?


Depending on the parameters of a project, we typically shoot anywhere from 6-10 shots per day. The considerations include the intricacies of the food, the degree of propping, whether there is a hand model required, whether there is a layout with type, the end-use of the images, and additional considerations. 


How much prep time does a food stylist need?


As a general rule, one day of shopping/prep is needed per shoot day.

Who will bring the props and backgrounds, and how much do they cost?


After consulting with the team and the client, JCR prop stylist will select and bring props/backgrounds to the shoot. A variety of factors affect the cost, including how propped the environment needs to be, specialty items required, and more. Props can be rented at a nominal cost from JCR; props rented from prop agencies cost more but are sometimes necessary depending on each client's ideal styling desires.



How do I choose the best angle for my product or recipe?


The photographer and stylists work together to determine the best angle to complement the food/beverage and the end usage. For example, a layered dessert may require a low angle, while a high or overhead angle may work beautifully for a pizza. Every time we say pizza we get a little distracted... just for a second. Ok- next question.



How much does retouching cost, and when is it necessary?


Retouching can be expensive, so JCR approaches our client food and beverage photography with a goal of minimal to zero retouching. 



Is JCR familiar with creating rich media for both online and in print formats?


Yes! JCR shoots images for social media, advertising, promotional materials (Coupons, FSIs), packaging, banners, and print literature.


How does JCR know the current industry trends?


JCR staff regularly attend specialty trade shows and seminars to meet with chefs, brand managers, and manufacturers. JCR tracks trends and new products; recent shows attended include the Natural EXPO East, the Fancy Food Show, and others.

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