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Research & Development.         ...................................................................MP

Our experience from The Culinary Institute of America, The French Institute of America, and the piping hot kitchens of New York afford our team skills to reproduce classic preparations and Create unique twists on hybrid trends that move across the globe. Building and maintaining food and beverage content through innovative recipes crafted specifically for your brand, drawing up delectable pairings (Chenin Blanc with that southern fried chicken anyone) and cooking tips that entice consumer participation. 

  • Recipe Development -- Our culinary team understands how to leverage the art and science of recipe development to support your brand's overarching marketing strategy that speaks to the target consumer. 



  • Creative Pairings – There are classics, and then there is Jenkins Culinary Resources unbridled creative take on haute trends...either way, we love food and want to get our hands dirty. Let us develop your brand's signature pairings. 



  • Consumer Education – A large part of delighting your customers is teaching them how to maximize all the value that your products bring to the table. See what we did there? For example, olive oil is added to so many dishes before, during, and after meal preparation but what about how to incorporate it into a sugar scrub for a girls night? Let us illustrate the quickest way possible to run out of your product, and have consumers running back to shelves for more!



  • Nutritional Analysis – We deliver third-party certified nutritional information for any recipes that Jenkins Culinary Resources develops on behalf of your brand. This ensures quality and appropriate ingredient levels specified by each brand.


  • Content Analysis – Trying to develop a content calendar for annual brand planning, but it seems impossible to sort through your unorganized pile of content? We love organizing libraries of food and beverage content that are coded and labeled with relevant tags such as: 'gluten-free', 'contains nuts', 'Halloween', and so forth. Our libraries offer simple search functionalities to save your brand team the most precious resource -- time!                            Content organized like a professional pantry. Sounds, pretty awesome, right?

Photography..          ....................................................................................MP

Food and Beverage Photography that pulls consumers into shop and grab your product off the shelves. Our photographers, stylist, and assistants work in concert with brand teams to execute creative aligned with target consumer messaging. 

  • Food and Beverage Photography Stills – Our skilled photographers capture moments of a brand's story for websites, packaging, print advertisements, and social media. Thinking about a cinemagraph that capture's just the drip of syrup running over the edge of hot waffles? No problem.



  • Prop Stylist – A visionary specialist who understands your brand's visual identity and hand selects elements such as backgrounds, dishes, cutlery, linens, etc., and composes images on set in collaboration with the photographer and food stylist. 



  • Food Stylist – A truly unique and talented individual who is part culinary genius, part gifted artist, and part food scientist. Experience matters in food styling, and our food stylists are among the best at making food look fresh, beautiful, approachable and most important, mouth-watering!  



  • Food and Beverage Props – Jenkins Culinary Resources offers our clients an extensive stock of props and backgrounds that vary from refined collections to southern comfort. Need plates, glasses, bowls, or those trendy green and white straws with mason jars? Got em'!



  • Post-Production – As an independent woman-owned business, we believe in handling your budget, time, and images with additional care so that minimal post-shoot editing is required. However, for those times that your job calls for silos or specific retouching, we have digital techs who can do that for you. Our high-tech systems deliver flawless photos, and our personalized service explains our glowing customer reviews. 



Videography & More..          ..........................................................................MP

According to Wyzowl’s, Video marketing statistics 2022, 88% [of video viewers] have bought a product after watching a video. Yet, only 23% of marketers utilize video. Ready to start engaging consumers through digital media that showcases your food and beverage product in motion? 

  • Videos – long, short, and snippets that bring food and beverage recipes alive!  



  • –GIFs/Cinemagraphs – short movements in time that pack a punch in just one animated moment.  



  • Script Writers – Our culinary writers create compelling storylines that maintain food and beverage brands as the constant focal point. 


  • Story Boarding – Planning saves time and money. Storyboards are a visual explanation of how videos will be executed, including text, angle, and prop suggestions. 


  • Video Editing – An important step utilized to finalize video assets; we may add graphics into branded videos, music, and condense the overall media file. *All JCR audio files and musical selections have proper rights authorizations and licensing. 


We also provide a fully mobile studio and product team that includes: a Creative Director, Videographer, Prop Stylist, Food Stylist, Wardrobe Stylist, and Set Design Stylist. 


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