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Why Food Packaging Matters so much to Brand Managers.

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

We crunched the data up better than what your purse does to a Nature Valley granola bar. Plus, we cited our sources below for all the bookworms that want every detail. Otherwise, if you loved Sparknotes in school, this easy read is for you.

Why packaging matters so much in a nutshell.

According to MarketWatch, grocery stores now have an average of 40,000-50,000 products. The staggering amount of options is why it isn't surprising that each of the Brand Managers surveyed in this international food packaging design report all agreed that packaging is one of the critical factors in attracting initial and turnover customers. Furthermore, as the "silent salesman," it is also tantamount that packaging does its primary job- protect the quality of the given product. Simultaneously packaging should also convey brand benefits, product differentiation points, and ultimately- why the consumer needs to purchase this product versus what it happens to be sitting next to on the shelf.

While some companies must abide by retailer specifications, exclusively many other food companies sought out the help of third-party agencies. Utilizing third-party specialist is common-place because food packaging research and assets are not necessary on an annual basis.

Furthermore, what we have found in the past is that these third party agencies still need the culinary, food photography, and ingredient understanding, so they call us. Why house a niche employee 24/7? We get it. It doesn't make sense for their bottom line, but it's all we do because it is our passion! We are happy to work with anyone, and love when partners loop us in early on in the process. We understand pretty much everything about food. And, if we aren't already aware of something food and beverage related- we'll happily conduct one our favorite "work activities"- research. Don't believe me? Go ahead and look at my Netflix "continue watching" list: Testing the Menu, The Great British Bake Off, Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown, Ugly Delicious... shall I continue or does it sound like I am obsessed? Because I am, the whole team at JCR LOVES food.

Now, getting back on track- an interesting note that the report mentions is that Brand Managers viewed packaging as an essential consumer communication element while social media was not. While this report was generated in 2014, we still find that shocking! If you do too please, drop us a comment below.

We believe that omnichannel marketing is a must. Why? "It Takes 6 to 8 Touches to Generate a Viable Sales Lead", according to SalesForce. As SalesForce is one of the world's largest customer relationship management platforms in the world, you can take their word for it, or read their article here. If you want to learn more about omnichannel marketing as it relates to F&B you can read one of our prior blog posts, here.

Across these various consumer touch points- packaging, social media, online banner ads, printed menus, etc. the consumer's visual experience should be seamless. This way no matter where your consumer is positioned within your brand's purchase funnel they find the appropriate assets that all consistently represent your brand. Furthermore, videos/images that generate either a conversion or move consumers further down your brand's funnel.

If you'd like to book a 2019 discovery call our calendars are filling up and we'd love to collaborate. Click here to send us a quick email.

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