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Why you need a HERO.

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

The client's hero product is the best asset that can be used in the final rich media. This is particularly important for packaging that's going to live as a long term representative of your brand. If the product has a seam, edges, or stickers ensure that they are all properly colored and aligned. Only choose the best of the best for on-set shooting. If we are working with freshly prepared dishes Jenkins Culinary Resources will utilize a stand-in item until we have the perfect item freshly prepared. We love doing this on-set when we have also developed the recipe, plus the crews love devouring extras!

If we are shooting items that are typically frozen before consumers prepare them at home product should be kept frozen until the last necessary moment. For freshly prepared items JCR will shop the morning of or the night before to ensure high-quality fresh ingredients that produce the most tempting heroes.

Brand Managers can review images via a wireless or tethered connection to a larger monitor. This way you can provide real-time feedback during the shoot. What angles do you love? What would you like to see more of in the next shot? Please note that if our team shares that we can edit in post you won't see the complete desired results until later. We try to avoid post editing to keep down client costs and we also believe that capturing the perfect photo first is paramount.

You can view more of our FAQs here and if you still have questions don't hesitate to reach out!

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